– Lat. 29° 02' N Long. 048° 11' E

Port Limits
Mina Abdulla bounded on south by parallel of Lat. 28° 56´ N on the east by Long. 048° 18´ E and on north by a line joining following points:

  • Lat. 29° 01´ 45" N, Long. 048° 09´ 25" E
  • Lat. 29° 01´ 45" N, Long. 048° 10´ 06" E
  • Lat. 29° 02´ N, Long. 048° 10´ 18" E
  • Lat. 29° 02´ N, Long. 048° 18´ 00" E
Mina Abdulla Sea Island consists of two berths, primarily for loading, although unloading facilities are also available. The offshore berth (No.19) is designed to receive tankers up to 276,000 tones displacement in ballast to load products (or 315,000 d.w.t. part-load) and can also accommodate loaded tankers of 10.67 m.

The inshore berth (No.18) is designed to receive tankers from 25,000 – 165,000 tons displacement in ballast and can also accommodate loaded tankers of 25,000 – 90,000 d.w.t. in emergencies.

The minimum depth of water at Berth No. 19 is 17.98 m. and at Berth No. 18 minimum depth is 17.37 m.

Max. Size 315,000 d.w.t. (part-load), max. draft 16.92 m. and max. LOA 350 m.

Density: 1025

Mina Abdulla is easily located as it is the southernmost refinery of the group of refineries which form Ahmadi, Shuaiba and Mina Abdulla. A number of flares will be seen. The Sea Island is situated about 3 n.m. offshore of the refinery.

All shipping movements are directed by Mina Al-Ahmadi Harbor Master.

Pilot normally boards the vessel about 1.0–1.5 n.m. to the eastward of the Sea Island. Vessels are requested to have pilot ladder of approved pattern, safely and securely rigged, and ready for immediate use. When it is necessary for a vessel to anchor before berthing, she should do so in the recommended anchorage area. At all times a Pilot will be available on the Sea Island.

Vessels requiring to anchor for any reason in port limits should do so within area enclosed between positions:

Lat. 29° 02.0´ N, Long. 048° 14.3´ E

Lat. 29° 02.0´ N, Long. 048° 15.1´ E

Lat. 29° 01.2´ N, Long. 048° 15.1´ E

Lat. 29° 01.2´ N, Long. 048° 14.3´ E

or within reasonable proximity to the east if congestion arises in anchorage area.

Cargo Operations
All products are loaded at the Sea Island by means of rigid loading arms. They are all fitted with hydraulically operated quick connect/disconnect couplings.

Waste Disposal
Vessels have to retain garbage on board.

Slops Disposal
No service available.

Patients will in normal course of events be treated by Quarantine Medical Officer on board. Neither medical nor hospital facilities are provided by the Company. However, in cases of emergency those requiring urgent hospitalization may be taken by vessel's Agent.

Fresh Water
Cannot be supplied at Mina Abdulla

Fuel oil bunkers can be loaded in either berth through normal fuel oil product loading system.

KOTC does not provide any chandelling facilities. Masters of vessels calling at Mina Abdulla must arrange for supplies through ship's Agent. Foodstuffs, beverages, tobaccos, etc., are available from ship chandlers in Kuwait in limited kinds and quantities. Prices a little more expensive than in Kuwait due to long transportation. Agent should be advised by cable well in advance.

No facilities.

All vessels are required to fly Kuwait flag on foremast during vessel's stay in port. Flags may be obtained from Agent.

GMT plus 3 hours.



Tidal Range
The maximum tidal range is 3.2 m. and velocity of tide is from 0.5 – 2 knots.