Mina Saud (Mina Al Zour) marine terminal is operated by Saudi Arabian Texaco Inc. The Oil terminal is located in the Kuwait Sector of the Partitioned zone, south of Ras Al Zour with one SPM berth. The Single Point Mooring Buoy is the primary loading point at the Texaco Mina Saud terminal. The SPM is located 5 Miles off shore Al - Zour. No Anchorage is allowed within 500 meters of the SPM.

Name of Dock/Pier - Saudi Arabian Chevron Terminal, SPM
Assigned Port Facility Name - Mina Al Zour
Name of Berth Including Location/Geographic Location/Geo LAT-LON Position - Mina Saud (Mina Al Zour)
Longitude - 48 DEG 27' 54.5" EAST
Latitude - 28 DEG 45' 38.9" NORTH

Tide Cycle
Combination of Diurnal & Semidiurnal tides giving a higher high lower high higher low & lower low water during a 24 hour period. The range of the tide is an average 2.4 M at springs & 1.5 M at neaps.

Max draft in approach channels - Arrival Draft (not to exceed 13.0 M) & Sailing Draft(not to exceed 17.6 M
Max draft at Berth - 17.6 M
Max Length Overall - 370 M
Max Beam - N/A (SPM)
Max Deadweight AND/OR Displacement - 80,000 MT/400,000 MT (MIN/MAX)"

Forecastle freeboard not to exceed 25 M at any state of loading Vessel must retain 30% of dead weight as ballast and/or cargo & ensure that propeller is submerged with suitable trim but not exceeding 1% of LOA at any time.

Minimum water depth at Mina Saud SPM & in a 500 MT radius from the SPM is 19.6 MTS. Minimum water depth in approach channels

Required minimum keel clearance at Berth - 2 MT minimum after loading Required minimum keel clearance in approach channels - 2 MT at SPM Berth Seawater density at Berth - 1.025

Please check with us for further details in case of change in facts & figures